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Is there really an agenda?

Education. Common Core. These are hot topics among the cultural and political discourse of today’s United States of America.

There is plenty of heated debate coming from both sides of this issue, the result of two colliding worldviews about who is responsible for raising children. However, beyond opinion and rhetoric, what are the facts? If the Common Core Standards are intended to prepare and equip our children to succeed, what could be so bad about them? Are these standards really part of an agenda to change the American way of life?

The two videos below address these topics and questions. Beyond opinion, facts are presented to support their conclusions. It is up to us to decide whether these facts are correct and verifiable.

“Building the Machine”

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) produced this first video titled “Building the Machine“, a movie about the Common Core Standards. The full 40-minute documentary is presented below:


Below is a six-minute introduction to a film produced by former Idaho Legislator Curtis Bowers. The movie, which is titled “Agenda: Grinding America Down“, is an in-depth documentary about the impact of communist ideology on today’s America and the proposed solution to stand against it (hint: it starts with the children). I urge you to buy and watch the full 90-minute movie:



Just this week a new book was released titled “Conform” from Glenn Beck (although he claims that he is really not the author). I have not yet read this book. From listening to some of the discussion about it, I assume that the documentation and conclusions would be consistent with those presented in the two movies noted above. You can learn more about and buy the book by clicking here on Glenn Beck’s Website.

The Common Core Initiative

Representing the other side of the debate, below is a link to the Common Core State Standards Initiative Website, which presents its documentation about the formation of the standards and the common “misconceptions” about them. The “Myths vs. Facts” section counters many of the conclusions presented in the two videos above:

Home | Common Core Standards Initiative

The Decision

I urge you to take the time to educate yourself about this matter, research the facts, and consider world history. You decide – is there really an agenda to change the USA from within, beginning with our children, or will the changes to our educational system really benefit us (including spiritually) in the end? What does world history teach us about moving towards a collective/communist society? Which side of this educational debate stands with God, truth, and liberty?  Who do you believe and trust?

(Note: There are honest, decent parents, teachers, and administrators working within the system of our public schools. They act and serve in the best interests of their children and of the children they teach. They have nothing to do with creating the standards that the curriculum and lesson plans are built around. This debate is not about their intentions or qualifications, but rather about the system itself.)

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‘The Romeikes Can Stay!!!’: Shocking 180 in the Case of German Home-Schooling Family |

Click on the link below to read an amazing development about the Romeike family, whom we previously wrote about:

‘The Romeikes Can Stay!!!’: Shocking 180 in the Case of German Home-Schooling Family |

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Two Worldviews on Raising Children

The videos below present two drastically different perspectives on raising children.  After watching them, which one most agrees with your values, beliefs, and worldview?

Great news! – The White House petition to stop the deportation of the Romieke family has over 113,000 signatures!  The government’s policy is to consider any petitions that have over 100,000 signatures.

If you would like to read more about the Romieke family, you can keep current on the Home School Legal Defense Association’s Website here or by reading our earlier post.


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The Romeike Family and the Freedom to Choose

Is our freedom to home school our children here in the United States in jeopardy?  Even more, in the view of our government, who has the ultimate responsibility for raising and teaching our children – parents or institutions?

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike and their children fled from Germany to the United States seeking political asylum.  They want the freedom to home school their children and were facing severe penalties for doing so in Germany.  After legally following the immigration process in the United States, the family was originally granted asylum.  The United States government then appealed that decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals.  The Board sided with the government.  Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is representing the family in an appeal of the Board’s decision.  If the court rules in favor of the government, then the family would be legally required to return to Germany and potentially face losing custody of their children if they continued to home school.

Being a “home school family”, this situation is very close to our hearts.  Is this a stand by our government against our freedom to raise and educate our children and even against individual liberties?  Michael Farris, HSLDA Founder and Chairman writes the following:

When the United States government says that homeschooling is a mutable choice—they are saying that it is a characteristic that a government can legitimately coerce you to change. In other words, you have no protected right to choose the education for your children. Our nation could remove your ability to homeschool and your choice would be mutable—since the government has the authority to force you to implement their wishes.

The prospect for German homeschooling freedom is not bright. But we should not reserve all of our concern for the views of the German government. Our own government is attempting to send German homeschoolers back to that land to face criminal prosecutions with fines, jail sentences, and removal of custody of children.

We should understand that in these arguments by the U.S. government, something important is being said about our own liberties as American homeschoolers.

The Attorney General of the United States thinks that a law that bans homeschooling entirely violates no fundamental liberties.

It is important that Americans stand up for the rights of German homeschooling families. In so doing, we stand up for our own.

(From, accessed March 19, 2013).

To read more about this family and the efforts being made in their defense, click on the link below:

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