Bent Over, Broken, and Uprooted

20 Jul


Last week, a severe thunderstorm swept through our valley.  The storm came quickly and its fierceness was unexpected.  The wind was strong and the rain was heavy.  After the storm, we assessed the damage.  Several trees in the neighborhood were either bent over, broken, or uprooted.

Bent over

Bent over



Uprooted (well, almost - but bear with me!)

Uprooted (well, almost – but bear with me!)

Such are the storms of life.  Sometimes, an unexpected tragedy hits us out of nowhere.  Spiritually speaking, the storm can either leave us bent over, broken, or uprooted.

  • Bent Over – We are doubled over in emotional pain and spiritual exhaustion.  We can barely stand on our own two feet and need to lean upon someone or something to get us through.  We may even be on our hands and knees.  Hopefully, when we are in this posture, we turn our hearts in prayer to our Heavenly Father who loves us.
  • Broken – We are more than bent over but not quite uprooted.  Something in our midst was weak that allowed the storm to break us in pieces.   A bit of us is still standing, but our shape is marred.  Further pruning may be required to salvage the remaining stump and encourage new growth.
  • Uprooted – Our roots were not strong or deep enough to allow us to withstand through the storm.  Our life’s foundation has been totally destroyed.  What is left of us can only be cut up and burned in the fire.  We must plant new life and allow it to grow.

This analogy has caused me to think about my own spiritual walk and how the storm of Isaac’s death has affected my life.  I don’t think I was uprooted because my spiritual roots were in Jesus Christ and they still are.  I was more than bent over, which left me feeling broken.  I still feel as through some of my broken pieces need to be cleaned up, even as new growth has sprouted out of my remaining “stump”.  Lord, will you help me to feel whole again?

If you have experienced an intense storm in your life, in which of these three positions has it left you?



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One response to “Bent Over, Broken, and Uprooted

  1. Cheryl

    January 24, 2015 at 1:05 PM

    Great analogy. I feel broken in many ways. When you have been broken you will never look the same or be put together in the same way again. I will never feel like I did before. I have places where, like you, new things have sprouted and blessings have come forth, but I am forever changed. Being closer to Jesus has been a result of my trials though and for that I am thankful. He is sufficient.


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