Day of Remembrance – Part 2

23 Apr

Click here for Part 1.

We continue our journey on our “Day of Remembrance”…

One of the most pleasant surprises of our day (the other one will be mentioned later) was the 25-mile stretch of US Route 30 between Bedford, PA and the Flight 93 Memorial site.  For time’s sake, and also because I’m not a fan of heights and switch-backs on mountains, we drove on the PA Turnpike west to the Bedford interchange.  Had we driven on Route 30 the entire way, we would have climbed over several sections of the Appalachian Mountains.  Instead, we ventured through several tunnels on the Turnpike, which was exciting for the children (but also nerve-racking for the driver :-)).  After exiting the Turnpike (and paying a higher toll because we used cash!), we hopped onto the section of Route 30 that runs through Bedford and Somerset counties, which is also part of the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor.

We saw some amazing scenery as we climbed the mountains and looked out over the edge of a steep cliff.  We stopped at the Old Log Church near historic Schellsburg.  This church was built in 1806 and has tombstones dating back to that time.  Near the church we saw some interesting roadside giants (pix are below).  Then, in contrast to these samples of Americana, we felt transported to another world as we passed a massive wind farm (the pictures really don’t do justice to its expanse).  I found out later that were close to Gravity Hill (what do you think – is it an optical illusion?).  Other nearby attractions include Indian Lake, Shawnee State Park and numerous covered bridges.

We were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful scenery and all of the natural attractions offered by this area of the state.  We were so intrigued that we are interested in visiting again to take in more of the scenery and history.

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To be continued…


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