Grief Letter

26 Feb

Brenda and I have been attending GriefShare group sessions at a local church.  The materials for one of the sessions suggested writing a grief letter.  The purpose of the letter is to:

  1. Describe what we have experienced and how we are feeling about it.
  2. Let people know what they can expect from us in our current state.
  3. Give our friends instructions on what they can do to help during this difficult time.  Let them know what is needed and when it is needed.

Inspired by this suggestion, I have crafted a grief letter on behalf of our family.  You can read it here.



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Posted by on February 26, 2012 in Grief, Spiritual and Emotional


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One response to “Grief Letter

  1. Author of Christian Comfort & Conversation

    March 1, 2012 at 8:26 PM

    Sorry for your grief and Heavens gain. I am sure the angels are rejoicing and the saints sang. What a gift Isaac is because he still exist inside of you. He has left you with memories of yesterday, hopes for tomorrow, and peace beyond your imagination. Emotions are part of us created by God to express the contents of our hearts. Isaac, is very special because God needed him for a greater cause. God’s glory bestowed upon you forever. You have an angel looking down on you among the others who are guiding, carrying, and protecting you on this journey of whys and up and downs. Know this one for sure thing, Jesus is all around you at this very moment.

    How blessed your son was to have parents like you to love and care for Him on this journey to Christ. Forever loved near and far.
    Blessings from my heart to yours.


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