Happy Birthday Isabella!

01 Jan

Nine years ago – on January 1, 2003 at 12:05 AM – our first daughter was born into this world.  Just hours earlier we were planning to spend New Year’s Eve with our friends (sorry sweetie that you didn’t taste that first lobster :-)).  But, things started happening and we hurried to the hospital as friends came over to stay with Isaac until my parents arrived.  I still remember the fireworks going off in the background as Isabella made her grand entrance.  The nurses were yelling down the hallway “oh-five, oh-five” (meaning 12:05 AM) as they called the other local hospitals.  Yes, she was the first baby born in 2003 in the greater Harrisburg, PA area!  New Year’s Day was a whirlwind of media coverage.  Yet, Isabella slept through almost all of it!  Then, we rushed home on January 2 to beat a significant snowstorm that had arrived in the area.

Picture from local newspaper (Isaac was very tired)

Isabella – Your have matured into such a beautiful, strong and sweet young girl.  Your faith and simple trust that you’ve shown over this past year have inspired your mom and me.  You are a good big sister to David and Gracia and a great helper to both mom and me.  You have spunk and determination like Laura Ingalls and imagination, optimism, stubbornness and exuberance like Anne Shirley (“If you only knew the things I want to say and don’t!”).  Most of all, you have a heart to love and trust God, even when you don’t feel like doing the right thing :-).  I know you long to see your brother Isaac again.  Hold on to those special memories you have in your heart and remember the special reassurance that God has given you.  You are enduring this trial as well as any young girl could as far as I’m concerned.  May God bless you and lead you over this coming year.  Love always, Dad.

Happy 9th birthday Isabella!

"Belle" at one year

January 2011 - Celebrating #8 with her brothers

12/31/2011 - An early birthday treat!


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Isabella!

  1. Aunt Barb & Uncle Jim

    January 1, 2012 at 2:02 AM

    Happy Birthday Isabella! You are such a beautiful young lady!! Have a great birthday and give David and Gracia a hug from us……Love, Aunt Barb & Uncle Jim

  2. Betty Martin

    January 1, 2012 at 5:43 PM

    Happy, Happy, Birthday Isabella. I remember that very special day when you lived next door. I miss seeing the sweet Isabella run and play. May the Lord bless you and give you many years of happiness and joy in Him as you bring a smile to all who know you.

    Aunt Betty


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