A Plan to Read the Word

30 Dec

If you desire to read through the Bible during this coming year and have not yet found or made a plan to do this, please consider our 2012 Bible Reading Plan published on our Studies page or found here.

This plan provides for a complete reading of the Bible in one year. We created this plan from other available plans and customized the schedule to allow for the following:

  • A daily reading from the “writings” (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon) five days per week;
  • A daily Old Testament (OT) reading six days per week; and
  • A daily New Testament (NT) reading everyday (366 days for the leap year in 2012).

The NT schedule is organized to read one of the Gospel books each quarter. We began with the books of Luke and Acts since they were both authorized by Luke and Acts provides the historical account of the early Church. The epistles are scheduled in between in the order they appear in our Bible.

Our plan is to read the OT readings (including “writings”) during our morning personal time and the NT readings together as a family in the evenings. We plan to allow for approximately one-half to one hour (depending on our pace of reading :-)) for the morning OT readings and fifteen minutes for the evening NT readings. There are extra days available in the OT schedule to allow for catch-up readings if the schedule seems overwhelming or days are missed. The daily NT readings are short enough that they could be combined if a day should be missed.

May we spur each other on as we immerse ourselves in God’s Word and seek to grow stronger in our relationship with and deeper in our knowledge of Him!

Praying for you,


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