Step by Step

17 Jun

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.  (Psa 119:105)

Our pastor brought up this verse during a recent conversation and we thank him for his insight.  I have a tendency to filter the Word of God through my lens that is prejudiced by the world and age in which I live.  When I picture this verse in my mind, I see a path illuminated by street lights.  However, placing this verse in the context in which it was written, the lamp was likely small and carried by the traveler.  It probably put off just enough light in the dark to allow a person to see what was immediately in front of them.

Now, here is our personal application.  We are walking in a dark and sin-cursed world.  Our world turned even darker after Isaac’s death.  God’s Word, the Holy Bible, gives us our primary comfort and direction for our lives.  The Word gives us just enough light to see how we are walking and where to take the next step (a lamp unto my feet) and also what is immediately in front of us (a light unto my path).  At this point, we don’t have a sense of where the long and winding path will lead us in this world.  However, we do feel the Lord calling us to continue to take steps to cast off those things that choke out our fruit so that we can grow more freely and abundantly in His grace.  We are continuing to downsize our possessions and weed out items that steal our hearts.  It seems like each day peels back another layer of the onion and we reassess what we really “need” in a physical sense.  We are using less of our house but we don’t know for sure if God will move us from here.  We tried to move before by our own power but are waiting on God’s direction this time (please make it clear, Lord!).  From a spiritual perspective, we are weeding out activities that waste our time and are seeking to redeem the time (finally an application of our blog title!).  I still catch myself surfing Internet news sites and am learning that, even though there may be helpful information out there for discerning the times, I also absorb a lot of junk.  We are spending more time together as a family in the Word and are thankful for all of the lessons we are learning and insights and memories that we share.

Thank you everyone who shared how Isabella’s stories have encouraged you.  We appreciate the feedback.  Thank you also for allowing us the time and space that we need to regroup and learn to breathe again.

Taking one step at a time,



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