A Beautiful Day at Lake Tobias

03 May

On Saturday, April 30, we visited Lake Tobias Wildlife Park with the Fritz, Mosemann and Souder families (thanks Christine for the passes!).  The weather began as sunny but cool and warmed in the afternoon.  After enjoying a picnic lunch under a pavilion (thank you to everyone who provided the food), we entered the park.  The animals are quite exotic including peacocks, lions, baboons, alligators, bears, tigers, zebras, ostriches, capybaras and prairie dogs.  Next we visited the petting zoo where the children were able to handle goats, a pony, camels and a llama.

David meets "The Bumps"

After enjoying the petting zoo, we prepared to ride the safari.  We paused to take a group picture of the children (and a few adults!).

Finally, we rode the safari and saw rheas, elk, Texas Longhorns, water buffaloes, Watusi cattle, “hippy” cows and “zedonks” (a hybrid of a zebra and a donkey) among other animals.  After the safari ride, we were exhausted.  We said goodbye to our friends and headed home.  We enjoyed the day with our friends but still had heavy hearts as we remembered how much Isaac enjoyed Lake Tobias.  We continue to miss Isaac but thank the Lord for the beautiful day that we had.

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  1. Elizabeth Martin

    May 4, 2011 at 11:14 AM

    Thanks for sharing


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