How to Rescue a Cat from a Tree

12 Apr

Our oldest daughter, Isabella (age 8), wrote this story about a recent experience we had concerning our cat, Patches.  Since she created this from her perspective, we have left the original work largely unedited to keep her personal “signature” on it.  We hope that you enjoy reading this true story as much a we did experiencing it!

The story of Patches in a pine tree     

How to rescue a cat in a tree.

Date: Sunday, April 10, 2011

One Sunday evening we were unaware that our cat, Patches, had climbed up a tree, a pine tree. My dad had said that we might have to get her out of the tree again (for she has climbed it before). So we went to get her, but we could not find her. You could not imagine how upset I was.

Then we called her, and she meowed! So we found her, and turns out she was at least about 17 feet off the ground! My brother came out after his shower, and I told him what happened. We went down in our basement, to see if we could find any thing to scare her out. He found a horn, and I found a crutch he made.

We tried them, and sorry to say, they didn’t work. Then me and dad, tried to reach her, but all in vain.

But here’s one part I can say was funny. Every time we said to come down, she went up! And we were pestering dad to call 911! By now, my mom and little brother, David, were out. They helped give us ideas. Then we finally thought of something. We got a box, ran to get her cat treats, and a can of fish. We put the treats and fish in the box. We lifted the box up, hoping she would jump in, and guess what she did, she just climbed higher. By now I felt like I would drown in tears, since I was crying so much. I said I reached the limit that I said, “I’ll climb that tree even if it means that I get scratched and poked.” So I did, with Isaac following me. I finally caught up with her and told her to come to me. She did, but when I grabbed her from her collar, she tried to escape. So, I thought, she really wants to stay up here, she wasn’t even trying to get down. So I whispered to her: so you want to sleep up here alone with the birds, do you not. So then I pretended to leave, but then I rushed back up and grab her by the scruff and lowered her down to Isaac. Then we climbed out of the tree and regrouped. We then washed what we call battle wounds, and then we took a look at Patches. Her paw hurt, but nothing major.

And that is the story of Patches in a pine tree.

The End.


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3 responses to “How to Rescue a Cat from a Tree

  1. Betty Martin

    April 13, 2011 at 9:05 AM

    Wow, Isabella and Issac, good job. When one of Aunt Betty’s cats gets caught in a tree, I am calling the experts, Isabella and Issac.

    • ephesians516

      April 16, 2011 at 11:35 AM

      They are the experts! Since this incident, Patches climbed the tree once again. But, we have learned that she is able to get down on her own! Perhaps the other evening she did not want to come down :-).

  2. Susan B

    June 8, 2012 at 11:20 AM

    Bravo Isabella, you wrote a wonderfully exciting story that I just had to read right to the end! I agree with your Aunt Betty that you and your brother Issac are cat rescue experts. When I had a cat, I too loved my cat very much.
    Susan B


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