A Day in The Big Apple

12 Apr

On Saturday, April 9, we participated in a bus trip to New York City.  For most of our family, this was the first time visiting the metropolis of Manhattan Island.  We departed without any major plans, other than taking in a few sites.  Our bus ride took us past the World Trade Center site, where we were able to see the reconstruction that is occurring.  Our first stop was in Battery Park, where we immediately hopped on board the Staten Island Ferry.  Although our ride across the harbor did not take us very close to the Statue of Liberty, we were able to take a few pictures:

Lady Liberty

Lower Manhattan Skyline
With some hesitation, we took our first subway ride (thanks to help from our friends Bethany and Rebekah) and arrived at Times Square.  The square was extremely crowded, but we meandered our way through and took in as many sites as our senses could handle.  I was reminded of the description and judgment of Babylon in Revelation 18:
Times Square 1

Times Square 2

After a rather lengthy walk, we arrived at Central Park.  The children we excited to play on the playground while Dad and Mom were able to take turns resting their feet.  Since it was already late afternoon, we then walked back down to 50th Street and found a family friendly restaurant to eat dinner.  We enjoyed our dinner together and discussed our impressions of NYC.  The children enthusiastically expressed their appreciation of our simple, rural lifestyle as compared to the “business” that they witnessed.

Before heading home on the bus, we had time to snap one last picture:

Radio City Stars

Overall, we enjoyed our trip but are not particularly interested in visiting again anytime soon.  We felt foreign to the culture of the city.  The children were initially impressed with the overwhelming size and volume of the man-made structures in the city, but were not attracted to the business of it all.  I (Dad) was thinking about how satisfying it would be to till our garden on such a beautiful sunny day.  We were thankful for the experience and to get home to our little acreage here in the country.


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2 responses to “A Day in The Big Apple

  1. Betty Martin

    April 13, 2011 at 9:10 AM

    How nice to enjoy the simple life style we enjoy here in Central PA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ephesians516

      April 16, 2011 at 11:33 AM

      Yes Betty, we are quite thankful. However, we can even become busy here with all we think that we need to get done. We are learning as parents to enjoy time and tie heart strings with our children, which we are not always successful at doing.


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