The Modern Message

06 Apr

We didn’t intend to review books on our site but felt impressed to share this with you.

I (Andy) am reading a book authored by Ray Comfort and titled God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life: The Myth of the Modern Message.  I am a little over half way through the book and have found it to be engaging, relevant and convicting.  Mr. Comfort presents some overwhelming statistics to support his position.  Some of these statistics reveal that upwards of 90% of professions of faith do not result in any lasting conversion.  He asserts that the modern evangelistic message of coming to Jesus for personal fulfillment fails to effectively convert the soul of the sinner.  Rather, the Law of God must first be preached to convict the sinner of his guilt.  Then, upon conviction, the sinner will understand and appreciate the grace of God through the cross of Christ.

I can personally attest to this conviction upon my own soul that occurred over seven years ago in December 2003.  I felt the weighty burden of God’s judgment through the commandment and His hand was pressed heavy upon me.  Only when I bared my soul and confessed and repented from my sin against Him did I truly appreciate His amazing grace.  I hope to sometime share my personal testimony in greater detail on this site.  Anyway, the questions that I am wrestling with is “what gospel message am I relaying to the people around me everyday?” and “do I truly have love in my heart to reach the lost?” Very convicting indeed…

If you are interested in learning more about the purpose of the Law of God (or the Mosaic Law since it was given through Moses), please see the essay titled “Law and Grace” on our Bible Study page.

If you are interested in learning more about Ray Comfort and his materials, visit and  To learn more about the book, visit here.

What is your opinion?

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One response to “The Modern Message

  1. Betty Martin

    April 6, 2011 at 4:27 PM

    Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately there are too many who are deceived into thinking they are on the narrow road that leads to eternal life, when in reality, they don’t have the root of the matter in them. Such is due too often to an easy believism that leads to destruction. Another good book on the subject is TODAYS GOSPEL, synthetic or authentic, by Walter Chantry


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